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Van Life Elevated

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AJs 4x4 Vans was born 8 years ago when I saw a 4x4 van online playing in the snow. Needing to have one of my own, I purchased an old 1995 Ford E350 7.3L diesel with high miles and injector problems. My brother and I owned an auto repair shop at the time, so I decided to do the 4x4 conversion myself. After a bit of research, I purchased a kit online and spent a few months piecing it together. Even though this first van wasn’t a gem, I truly loved the process of building it and when I was done, I took it on many trips to Baja.


Folks eventually started asking me to do conversions for them, which at first, I wasn’t interested in doing, I only wanted to enjoy the van I built. Eventually a friend persuaded me to build one for him. I refined the process and the resulting build came out far better. At this point the bug for building 4x4 vans had fully taken me over and I decided to start building them part time.

Fast forward a few years I sold my half of the automotive shop and started AJs 4x4 Vans. Now I get to live out my passion full time building 4x4 vans, so folks can get out and enjoy Van Life Elevated.



Art Guerrero

4x4 Van Baja

Art with his first Van in Baja

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